• Alexander Zhukov

    First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

    Since the creation of the Foundation a lot has been done, first of all solid legislative basis has been created, which is being constantly improved for the activity of RHDF to be the most efficient.

  • Alexander Braverman

    Director General

    The RHD Foundation  will at any time and till the end support construction firms, investors, developers, but only as long as their requirements are in line with the law

  • Svetlana Kuzntesova

    Deputy director general

    "The main idea of qualification requirements is preventing incompetent developers from getting to the housing construction market"

  • Viktor Vekselberg

    President of Skolkovo Foundation

    We set ourselves a task to create comfortable environment for life and activity of innovators

  • Igor Shuvalov

    First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia

    In the nearest six years the rates of housing availability must be doubled

  • German Gref

    Chairman of the Management Board of Sberbank of Russia, OJSC

    The RHD Foundation creates a new type of interrelations between business and state structures

  • Andrey Sharonov

    Deputy Mayor of Moscow

    Mechanisms of the RHD Foundation’s activity – that is one of efficiently operating variants

  • Martin Shakkum

    First Chairman of the RF State Duma Committee for Land Relations and Construction

    Dutch auctions can decrease the cost of economy-class housing significantly

  • Aleksey Russkikh

    Chairman of the RF State Duma Committee for Land Relations and Construction

    The RHD Foundation is a good example of applying a responsible approach to finding solutions to high-priority state projects

  • Sergey Kancher

    Minister for Construction and Housing and Utilities Sector of the Saratov region

    The construction market will benefit from appearance on the market of a powerful foreign investor, with fiercer competition among construction enterprises

  • Galina Khovanskaya

    Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

    For families with many children, the state will preserve the right to obtain social housing

  • Nikolay Romanovsky

    President of the Public Organization "Karelian Regional Association of Families with Many Children"

    Free allocation of land plots can solve the housing problem for families with many children

  • Ilya Georgievich Lezhava

    Member of the Urban Development Department at RAACS

    Urban Planning Contests as a Model Approach to Integrated Land Development

  • Sergey Popov

    Chief Architect of Nizhny Novgorod Region

    Participants of Urban Planning Contest Held by the RHD Foundation to Deal with an Exciting Task of Creating a New Urban Formation

  • Vladimir Yakushev

    Governor of Tyumen region

    We managed to draw into circulation a considerable amount of federal lands

  • Victor Sadovnichy

    Rector of the MSU

    Results of open public contest for the best architectural project of student dormitory held by the RHD Foundation and the Union of Architects of Russia reflect both our present and our future.

  • Andrey Asadov

    Asadov Architectural Studio, Director General

    The best prize for the winners of the best student residence design contest will be bringing their ideas in life

  • Ilya Ponomarev

    Deputy Minister of Regional Development of the RF

    The year 2012 for the RHD Foundation will be the time for direct achievement of the existing goals

  • Nadezhda Kosareva

    President of the Institute for Urban Economics Foundation

    We welcome assistance in developing new forms of housing construction

  • Alexander Shokhin

    President of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

    The RHD Foundation’s Program for 2012 is very specific